7 Self-Tanners for People Who Hate Self-Tanner

Summer calls for soft, sun-kissed skin—which self-tanners deliver without the damage. But if you’ve had a bad brush with slippery oil, or can’t stand the hassle of exfoliating then coating with streaky brown lotion, fear not: There’s a new batch of bronzing formulas that is fast, foolproof, and, perhaps best of all, utterly grease-free. What’s not to love?

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There’s St. Tropez’s clear shower gel, rubbed onto wet skin and left for three minutes, that’s guaranteed not to stain your hands or clothes. Priced at- 22,23 €

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Slipping easily into your morning routine, Vita Liberata’s BB-style cream pairs skin-blurring with tinting. Priced at- 40,02 €

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By Terry’s self-tanner comes in an antioxidant-rich anti-aging serum—no rinsing required. Priced at 103,17 €

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A few drops of Guerlain’s cool bronzing water, pressed into the cheeks, builds a natural glow. Priced at- 48,03 €

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James Read’s clever H2O Tan Mist, a rosewater-infused spray that doubles as a makeup primer and setter. Priced at- 25,20 €

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For those craving a more traditional tack—only better—Josie Maran’s argan face oil not only smooths fine lines over time, but lifts your complexion in a matter of minutes. Priced at- 37,39 €

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Clarins Self Tanning Milky-Lotion takes care of the body—and smells not like cheap coconut, but figs, of all things. Priced at- 35,88 €

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