Blending in Abroad

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Although studying abroad is quite the treat, change comes knocking quite hastily.  A new language, unfamiliar peers and many stares are just a few of the many aspects that come with studying in a foreign country.  Among these, one of the biggest differences I have noticed is the dress.  Back home at school it is socially acceptable to wake up ten minutes before class and throw on an oversized t-shirt and sweats and run out the door.  However, in Spain, it is quite the contrary.  Streets are full of put together individuals dressed to impress.  I quickly learned that here it is necessary to spend a few extra minutes in the morning putting together a chic yet casual look. Here are a few tips to help blend in while abroad..

1. Throw out the sweatpants.  Opt for either leggings with boots or a pair of jeans

2. Sweaters can add the finishing touch to any look

3.  Invest in a good pair of boots, you will walk a lot!! (I made the mistake of purchasing a cheap pair & my feet kill)

4. Wear layers!! The metro/walking around can get very warm

5.  Leather jackets are very popular, invest in a good quality one (You can never have too many jackets)

6.  Purchase a cute pair or two of sunglasses (the weather here is much nicer than in Indiana- aka it’s always sunny)

7.  Invest in a cute shoulder bag to hold your belongings in rather than a backpack


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