These 3 Products Restored the Hydration a Plane Stole from My Face

Traveling might be fun but it can leave your skin feeling dry and tight. Here are some products to give you the fix you need while on your way to your new location!


Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

Only 1.35 ounces, so size is perfect for TSA, but…it’s in a glass bottle. SORRY. But just travel with it in a carry on and it wont shatter! 

It’s a liquid, spray-on moisturizer made up of squalane, algae, and Tatcha’s anti-aging complex that can be used a thousand different ways. You can spray it on post-skincare, pre-makeup, to prime your skin for product and boost its luminosity. You can also use it to set your makeup and keep everything in place. Spray it on throughout the day to refresh your face, boost hydration and enhance your natural glow without making your makeup run or streak. Oh, and it’s perfect for keeping your face moisturized before you take off, in the middle of your in-flight movie, and after you land. Last thing: The atomizer itself really does *mist* the moisturizer onto your skin. It’s not going to hit you with a big wet spray, leaving beads of moisture rolling down your face. It evenly distributes a fine layer of product across a good amount of your skin, but its spray is small enough that you’ll hit you and only you when you’re applying, ensuring you won’t bother the passenger next to you, even though they’re hogging the arm rest. 


Kate Somerville HydraGel Mask

Kate Somerville HydraGel Mask

 Under 3.4 ounces and it’s in a plastic container, it fits the bill for being travel-ready!

The Kate Somerville HydraGel Mask is the best mask because it works fast and the results are immediate.

It instructs you to cover your face, leave it on for five to ten minutes, and rinse.The gel is packed with hyaluronic acid that holds multiple times its weight in water, hitting your face with a ton of moisture as soon as it’s applied. Vitamin C helps energize skin and reduce dark spots. Vitamin A softens and plumps skin, and ginger root extract helps sooth. The HydraGel mask is a difference you can see, no shit. After wearing this mask for five or ten (or twenty) minutes, skin looks brighter, a little more lifted, more glow-y, and doesn’t feel tight.


No. 7 Beautiful Skin Hydrating Mask

At 3.3 ounces in a plastic container, this is your affordable travel companion that will save your skin real quick.

Glycerine, cocoa butter, and vitamins C and E come together to give you a real dose of hydration and brightening. Gel and cream are suspended together in the tube and mix together as you pump it into your hand. They combine to make a buoyant cream mask that’s light on your skin. You can basically use this one any way you want. Leave it on for just three minutes OR get a deeper treatment by leaving it on for ten minutes OR apply a thin layer and leave it on overnight. 

The Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask leaves skin feeling moisturized and looking very glow-y.

This one is extra special because it’s affordable and available at the drugstore, so if you happen to leave it on your hotel bathroom sink, it won’t be a huge loss. Not that you’ve ever done that, right?

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